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Chemsol Pakistan is a "Chemical Solutions Provider" for our target industries including paint, leather, Textiles, Construction. Oil and Gas, Agriculture and cement industries, we have innovative solutions to solve our customers problems.


With a winning combination of highly experienced professionals in each industry we also have a team of Technical advisors in Leather, Textiles, Construction, Paints, Agriculture, Cement and Waste Water Treatment that solves our customer problems with highly innovative products in a cost efficient manner.


We believe in best services for our customer delight.

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Our vision is to become the world's most valued company to our customers, colleagues, investors, business partners, and the communities where we work and live.

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To serve our customers with innovative products and services at reasonable prices. We promote a team concept to ensure the highest standard of performance and integrity for the well being of both our customers and co-workers.

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CHEMSOL Pakistan


Chemical Solutions Provider:


Paints, Textiles, Leather, Construction, Agriculture, Cement, Oil & Gas, Consumer Health & Waste Water Treatment

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