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Paints, Textiles, Leather, Construction, Agriculture, Cement, Oil & Gas, Consumer Health & Waste Water Treatment


Product name



Chemsolzyme 1001

High Temprature desizer

Chemsolzyme 1002

Low Temprature desizer

Chemsolzyme 1003

Medium Temprature desizer

Chemsolzyme 1004

Suitable for Garment Wash


ChemsolDet 2001

Detergent and wetting agent

ChemsolDet 2002

Medium range wetting and detergent

ChemsolDet 2003

Low foam detergent

ChemsolDet 2004

Stain Remover APEO NPEO free

ChemsolDet 2005

Stain Remover.

ChemsolDet 2006

APEO NPEO free wetting agent

ChemsolDet 2007

hi-concentrated wetting and detergent APEO NPEO agent


Chemsol carrier 3200


Chemsol carrier 3201

Carrier for Polyester dyeing


Chemsol Stabilizer

Hydrogen stablizer

Peroxide Killer


Hydrogen Peroxide Killer


Chemsol soft 4101

Non Ionic softner paste

Chemsol soft 4102


Chemsol soft 4103

Slightly cationc paste

Chemsol soft 4104

Rewettable softner suitable for Towel application

Silicone Softener

Chemsol soft 4106

Silicone based softner Elastomer

Chemsol soft 4107

Micro Emulsion/suitable for PC:cotton

Chemsol soft 4108

Concentrated Hydrophillic silicone Emulsion

Chemsol soft 4109

Silicone Emulsion suitable for Towel application


Chemsol PE 4015

Poly Ethylene emulsion


Chemsol PVA 30

Suitable for Bukram

Chemsol PVA 31

PVA emulsion suitable PC, cotton specially low weight fabrics

Chemsol PVA 32

PVA Emulsion for 100% cotton, and other blends


chemsol Binder 7001

Printing Binder

chemsol Binder 7002

Printing Binder specially formulated

chemsol Binder 7003

Flock Binder


Chemsol fix 5001

Pigment Fixer

Chemsol fix 5002

Fixer for Direct and Reative applications

Chemsol fix 5003

Budgeted fixer for Direct and reactive applications


Chemsol Thick 7203

Printing Thickner with anti flushing


Chemsol RESIN 8001

Resin with catalyst

Chemsol RESIN 8002

Melamine Resin


Chemsol  DNVL 3002

Leveling and Dispersing Agent for Polyester

Chemsol DADLP 3003

Leveling and Dispersing Agent for Polyester


Chemsol zyme 1102

Anti back staining for Denim

Chemsol zyme 1103

Acid Enzyme for Bio wash

Chemsol zyme 1104

High temperature neutral enzyme

Chemsol zyme 1105

Neutral low temperature Enzyme cellulase for bio washing


Chemsol Glue WD 50

Glue for Wood / Chip board

Sodium Silicate


Sodium Silicate Soap Grade


Sodium Silicate Textile Grade


Sodium silicate Board paper grade



Water Softners


Sequestering agents to control water hardness



Pigment Emulsions


Indigo Dyes